5 reasons to buy furniture online

127If you’re reading this blog, chances are – you’re an online shopper. Yes, you buy stuff every now and then on the internet, you buy stuff like dresses, fashion goods, but – what about buying furniture online? Some of the questions we get asked alot:

We at Sempreplus are here today to answer all of your questions, we’ve also prepared a list – why you should start buying furniture online.

Before i begin, let me show you some insights..


Let’s face it, we’re living in an online world. Check out Malaysia’s online shopping behavior –  65% of Malaysians are shopping online.

One of my friend in Japan literally buy Coke online.

Yeah, Coke the soft drink.

Anyway my point is – people are already buying lots of stuff online, furniture online is not an exception. You might think that buying furniture online is different, but let me proof you wrong. Take a look at the graph – furniture ranked 2nd on total online sales.


What i’m trying to proof is that – don’t be afraid of buying furniture online. I mean, try it, there’s a reason why so many people is doing it. I guarantee you will absolutely love it. Shopping furniture online is a unique experience, from finding the one you really like to waiting for delivery to receiving it, trust me, it’s an amazing shopping experience.



Real quick, ask yourself this question: Would you buy furniture from store like the photo below? Be honest.


I’m not saying that these old furniture stores are bad. They’re awesome, it’ just that – they’re outdated. 

Little back story here:

We do run an offline furniture store as well. Back in 2015, we started our brick-and-mortar furniture business and almost instantly, we knew that we had to go online, and you need to know that back in 2015 – no one is buying furniture online. As it turned out, we made the best decision ever, our sales online are like 10 times more than offline. So hey, we deserved some respect as one of the first few furniture business that went online in Malaysia!

Anyway let’s get back on track. What’s so special with buying furniture online? What’s the difference?

Well, if you’re reading this blog – you’re taking part of one of the shopping experience.

Do you think the salesmen in offline store are going to sit down and chat with you all day? I doubt it, they’re probably too busy trying to get your money out of your pocket. Admit it, you feel like you’re being pushed to buy furniture. We at Sempreplus are different, we share our story, personal home decoration tips, furniture buying guides, we tell you what’s good, what’s not. (More blogs coming soon! We will be sharing stuff like types of furniture, types of wood and more, be sure to stay tuned or subscribe to our newsletter!)

Our biggest goal is to put a smile on every single customer.



This one is pretty much self-explanatory. You save so much time and energy buying furniture and i can’t stressed enough that – it’s not a complex process! It’s super easy, really.

The steps of buying furniture online:

  • Search online > add to cart > Pay > wait for delivery


Now we compare to buying furniture offline:

  • Drive to store > spend 2 hours walking and searching around in store > find a sales person to “negotiate” > discuss how to deliver back to your home > drive back home > wait for it to be delivered

*don’t forget the crazy traffic jams.. #MAYTHEFORCEBEWITHYOU


See? Buying online just saves you tons and tons of time! Only a few clicks and your dream furniture will be delivered – just like that – no need to talk with bunch of salesmen or whatsoever.



I know many people are skeptical about furniture delivery, some don’t know how it works, or have no trust in buying furniture online – they think it’s a complex process. Well let me walk you through the process quickly. Alright let’s say i’m buying a CPU Holder. How do i know how much is the delivery fee? Let’s have a try..

Untitled        Untitled

We actually have a postcode delivery fee calculator designed for you, simply select your state and put in your postcode and you’ll get the exact delivery fee, no hidden fees, you pay for what you see. *By the way our delivery fee is super cheap*



Like i said above, salesmen certainly don’t care about you as much as we do. You can have a chat with us on our Facebook page, remember to give us a like!

Many people are skeptical on buying online because they worry about stuff like – what if the goods are broken? How do i return the item?

Well don’t worry, we’re always right here, we won’t run away. I mean after all you can find reach us on Facebook, email or just give us a call.


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